Precision Equipement for Science

Scientifica International aims to be the preferred partner for world’s most competitive and challenging Scientific Facilities, Laboratories, Research Institutions and Universities for their instrumentation equipment development.

With a strong commitment towards the development and commercialisation of its own proprietary product line, Scientifica can also be the development and manufacturing outsource partner that gives the industrial solution to the scientists’ specification.

Created in 2009, as a spin-off of AVS engineering company, it has been able, so far, to develop strong knowledge in four core technologies, and to develop proprietary products for 3 main applications. It has also gathered relevant knowledge and experience in understanding and dealing with the specific needs of actual scientists in international scientific facilities like ISIS (UK), ILL (France), CERN (Switzerland), among others.

SCIENTIFICA INTERNATIONAL, S.L.U. - Calle Xixillion 2 bajo, Pabellón 10 - 20870 Elgoibar GIPUZKOA (SPAIN)

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